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17Edition FuseBoards

Victory Electrical Services can install and change your fuse board to top of the range new 17 or cd protection over your property, for you at reasonable prices

Changing Fuse Boards From Prices As Low As £250 !!!Contact us on the number shown below! 07765656566


Prices Starting From A Mare £1600

Contact us and find out our £1600 MEGA DEALS!!


Local Numbers

0115 9338774


01902 858201


Corporate Identity


Our corporate identity has been developed over the last 35 years and it is distinctive, highly recognisable and denotes the quality and trustworthy service that we offer.

Our corporate image and design, the communication channels we use and our corporate behaviour all contribute to our memorable and effective corporate identity and our reputation as the United Kingdom’s first branded plumbing company.

Corporate Image and Design

Our fleet of 150 spotless blue and white Volkswagen Transporter Vans, with plumbing related number plates, are the most highly visible part of our corporate image and communicate our honest, dependable and quality service.

All our engineers turn up at a customer’s property wearing a smart company uniform in the Victory Electrical Services colours designed to reflect our service.

The Victory Electricals Services logo has become instantly recognisable. The ‘oval’ shape was designed to reflect the established core beliefs and strategy of Victory Electricals Services to our key customers.

Corporate Communication

Victory Electricals Services marketing and PR activities never fail to be unique and memorable and are a strong part of our corporate identity. We regularly feature on national and international television, on local and national radio stations and in local, national and international press.

Victory Electricals Services is represented by two public relations agencies, Jerome Reid Associates and Recognition PR, who with our in-house PR team maximise, devise and manage the media opportunities for the company.

Corporate Behaviour

Our highly motivated and customer orientated team of 135 engineers and our friendly, helpful and dedicated call centre staff always conduct themselves in a manner that enhances our reputation.

All our engineers carry company ID and are CRB checked for customer’s added peace of mind and for their safety and security. Our company manual, the Victory Electricals Services ‘Bible’, is presented to each engineer when they join us and provides details on how they should behave in order to maintain our high profile position and provide an excellent service for customers.

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